You are getting to know better the city of Indaial , located in the heart of Itajaí Valley, Santa Catarina state, Southern Brazil.

Indaial settlement began in 1860’s with the arrival of the first German immigrants families. From 1875 the Italian immigrants came and in 1878 the first Polish.

On March 21st 1934 was officially installed the city of Indaial separating itself from Blumenau.

The town’s name comes from ‘palmeira indaiá’ a kind of coconut tree that existed in large quantities in a field used as resting place for the Brazilian settlers, that in the old times came from the southern part of Santa Catarina going towards the coast.

Indaial, approx. 55 thousand inhabitants, owns a 466 square kilometer area, and it’s located on the margin of highway BR-470, in Médio Vale do Itajaí (Itajaí Middle Valley), also known as European Valley.

It’s 20 kilometers (approx. 12,5 miles) away from Blumenau and 160 kilometers (approx. 100 miles) from the state capital Florianópolis. Itajaí-açú river and its most important tributary Benedito river extend themselves along Indaial’s town area.

The town is rounded by a native Atlantic Tropical jungle, this one is abundant in its diversity and species.

The city’s population inherited from the German immigrants and from Italian and Polish miscegenation as well as the productive skill, the folklore, the music tradition, parties, dance and food. The culture of its people, always cultivated with the European settlers characteristic, is its greatest wealth.

The Indaial inhabitants live in flower rounded houses, flaunting multicolor gardens. The city shows large streets, carefully clean, flowered gardens and always well taken care of. There are still a few high buildings and about 20% of the population live in the rural area.

The city of Indaial offers excellent life quality to its inhabitants, comparing to national standards. In 1998 it was considered by the United Nations the 4th best life quality city in Brazil, having great education services, sanitation and health.

In the agriculture sector, Indaial is characterized  by small properties, the main crops are rice, cassava, corn, tobacco , sugar-cane, beans and potato. Herds of cattle are predominant in animal breeding families, the city is a great producer of milk and pork. It also has been a great producer of chicken and eggs.

Its industry is well diverse, mainly the textile and metalwork field, tailoring, foodstuffs, industrial and agriculture equipment and wood industry. An important factor related on its industry growth is the fact that the city owns flood-safe lands, a disaster that is common in nearby cities.

Indaial has an excellent tourism potential, because here the nature was lavish offering lots of green areas hiding rocky rivers and crystal water rivers extend themselves along the city’s area. The tourist can visit the historic Ponte dos Arcos (Arcs Bridge), appreciate the wonderful  ‘vitória régia’, the enxaimel architecture houses, the forest and the flowered garden in Casa da Cultura (Culture House), also the rides into the rural areas where it’s possible to see the signs of the early settlers.

In Indaial everything is gorgeous, for its great location and for the people friendship and kindness. This is the city we want to show you, dear visitor, hoping you’ll honor us visiting our site.

Translated by Alessandro Zolletti – Wizard